Batters Masterclass

Batters Masterclass


A brand new class for 2019!

Batter is described as a thin dough that is easily poured into a pan. It comes from the French word battre which means to beat. Batters work by forming a crisp shell around the food, preventing scorching and retaining flavour and juices and have been described poetically as “being like a newlywed bride’s negligee, rather than a heavy overcoat”. But the humble batter has even more uses than to provide a crunchy coating to your favourite piece of flake. They include crepes, blini and pikelets, beer and tempura batters and of course, the aptly named Angel Food Cake. Annie takes you through the many types of batters, how to prepare them and of course, some of her favourite recipes.

Held in the cooking school at Babbington Park in Lyonville, the class includes morning tea, demonstration class, garden and farm tour, lunch and wine.

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